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Protect Your Financial Health with Insurance

Life is full of risk, but don’t let that spoil the fun! We like to live in a beautiful region, however, with that beauty comes the risk of earthquakes, fires, and other natural disasters. We drive our cars, with that comes the risk of being involved in a car accident. We own homes and rent apartments, and, of course, there are risks involved even with ownership. While we can’t and may not want to live in a risk-free world, insurance gives us the financial protection when tragedy strikes. Health insurance provides us financial assistance not only when we are sick and hospitalized, but for dental and vision care as well. With the new Affordable Care Act, it may seem that we are all automatically covered against any illness, but that is not the case. The ACA does allow individuals to buy insurance at much-reduced rates. However, companies can still provide health insurance benefits to their employees, giving their families the opportunity to benefit from dental and vision coverage. It’s less expensive than you think to obtain financial protection.

Insurance is financial protection against unexpected events

Vehicle insurance protects you in the event of car, boat, or motorcycle accident. California law requires all vehicles to be properly insured. Own a home? You must be insured. Homeowners insurance seems easy to buy, but the question is the value of your home, the items inside, and the cost if you should need to move out while repairs are made. When was the last time you reviewed your Homeowners policy to make sure if you have enough coverage for your precious home? Life insurance can help provide for the people who depend on you financially when you are not there anymore. This may sound terrible and be very difficult to talk about what will happen when one of your loved ones passes away, however, securing your family’s and loved ones financial future is a step that you would want to do right away. Not tomorrow, not next month, or next year, but right now, because nobody know what will be the next step they make.

“The Best Time To Buy Anything Is Yesterday”

Service is the Priority

Insurance is more than a policy. It is the right policy design for your needs and your requirements. And it requires frequent assessment for updates and changes required to maintain adequate coverage.

Time Matters

Your time is valuable. And everybody is on a tight schedule. So, while insurance requires an assessment of your needs, with our expertise, we can get the required information quickly.


When insurance issue arises, we make sure all matters are handled correctly, professionally and promptly. Whether you have questions about your coverage and need assistance with a claim, one call to our office, and we’ll address it immediately.

Claims Processing Made Easy

Most claims can be processed directly with the carrier but for those occasions when you do not receive the expected level of service, call us. We’ll step-in.

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