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Protection for items in your rented apartment or home

Universal 1st


anufacturers are a critical part of the US economy; moreover, insurance protects manufacturing company workers, business assets, visitors to the site, buildings and facilities, vehicles, and production capability. Insurance for manufacturers includes the following.

  • General Liability – Protects you when a visitor to your facility, is injured or damaged their personal property. When a third party files a lawsuit against you, your general liability insurance will cover your defense, settlement, or judgment.
  • Property – protection for damage to buildings and business-related personal property. You can also add additional coverage for supplies and equipment.
  • Loss of income – This type of insurance protects your business against business interruption. For example, if your building or equipment is damaged by fire and you cease normal operations, this coverage allows you to still have business income so you can help retain your employees while your business facility is being repaired.
  • Workers Compensation – Protects your workers in the event of a work-related illness, injury, and death. Workers compensation is mandatory in some states.
  • Business vehicle coverage – Protects the vehicles you use for business including autos, trucks, and other vehicles.