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Non-Profit Organizations

Protection for not-for-profit organizations

Universal 1st


perating a non-profit organization means you must give every budget line-item careful scrutiny.

At Universal 1st, we understand your tight budget and will find the most effective coverage for you to protect your church, school, or any non-profit organization you may have. Non-profits are not immune from their challenges and like “for profit” businesses, they must protect their business to provide continued service to the community.

Some of the insurance products that are required include:

  • General Liability Insurance –  protects the nonprofit organization against claims made someone who becomes injured while visiting your organization. It’s also referred as Commercial General Liability or “CGL” policy and covers damages to visitors, customers, suppliers, and associates who are injured on the property.
  • Property Insurance –  Provides coverage for the space your nonprofit occupies in the event of a fire, earthquake, flood, or other similar event. May also cover:
    • fixtures (such as lighting systems or carpeting)
    • equipment and machinery
    • office furniture
    • computers and accessories (monitors, CD-ROM drives, modems, printers, and so forth), and
    • inventory and supplies.

Speak to one of our Specialized Agents regarding your Non-Profit Special Event.