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Retail Stores

Protection for goods, fixtures and other business property in your store


Universal 1st


pening a retail store is exciting. You’ll certainly provide needed services to the community and have an opportunity to expand and build a lasting business. And as with all types of businesses, there are risks.

Fortunately, specialized retail insurance products can help protect your hard work. Whether you own or rent your location, insurance is a critical component. How do you assess the insurance you may need?

Begin by considering every aspect in which a loss can occur. The building, goods, and customers can all present exposure. Whether your business is grocery, clothing, gift, auto products or another retail establishment your Universal1st Licensed Specialist can help you identify different types of insurance needed for your business. Consider the following:

  • Buildings – Both the retail location and any warehouse must be insured against catastrophic loss.
  • Loss of Income — Protection for your income in the event you have another covered loss.
  • Accounts Receivable — Almost every business today maintains accounts receivable and amount owed to you for goods delivered. In the event your accounts receivable records are damaged, the insurance protects you.
  • Computer and Financial Transaction Equipment – Protection for the computing equipment
  • Data Breach -If a data breach occurs, you can obtain protection against losses.
  • Employee Theft – Covers loss of business personal property including money and security stolen by employees.
  • Equipment Damage — Provides coverage for damage caused by mechanical failure of covered equipment included but not limited power surges.
  • Theft of money— Protection against the loss of money caused by theft, robbery, or destruction on and off premises.
  • Utility Interruption — Provides loss of income coverage due to failure of communications, water, natural gas, or electrical service to your insured premises for more than eight consecutive hours

(See policy provisions).