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Specialty protection when you transport groups or individuals

Universal 1st

Passenger coverage is critical (and required by law) when you provide transportation for hire. In such cases, you or your business will be responsible for accidents.

If both business owned and privately owned vehicles are involved, you may have an additional liability for which it requires specialty passenger insurance.

At Universal 1st Insurance, we have years of experience providing affordable personal passenger insurance.

We offer an array of coverage options and have personalized service representatives who will handle all aspects of your policy and ensure you get the best, most cost-effective insurance plan for your business.  We not only have the experience you need, we have exclusive relationships with the insurance carriers we write policies through, to allow us underwrite, quote and bind policies in a cost effective way.

We provide coverage for the following specialty transportation services:

  • Limousine
  • Town Car
  • Party Bus
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transport Ambulance
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Taxi
  • Charter Bus
  • Uber or Lyft


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