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Protection for your wholesale business and the goods you buy and sell



holesalers face many challenges to make sure that goods are purchased, managed, packaged, sold and delivered to their customers. There are insurance products that can help the wholesaler reduce the risks and maintain continued operations.

Clearly, those in wholesaling will want to include product liability insurance to protect business assets against claims and lawsuits resulting from the use of products you sell.

Other types of insurance coverage are also helpful in reducing risks and keeping your business open, such as:

  • Business income coverage – Coverage for when you a prevented from working.
  • Commercial auto insurance – Protects owners from claims resulting from employees driving a company vehicle.
  • Workers compensation insurance – Protection for those who work for you. This coverage can replace lost wages, pay for medical treatment and protect your business and its assets if an employee suffers a serious injury. Some states require Worker’s compensation insurance.
  • Property in transit – Protects the finished goods and valuable goods used in production while being transported to or from your premises and while in storage.