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Specialty Products

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Specialty Insurance Services

• Transportation
• Building Owners
• Professional Services
• Contractors
• Manufacturing
• Wholesalers
• Retail
• Auto Related
• Non Profits

For Every Type of Buisness

Universal 1st Can Find The Coverage


Trucks and Vans – Light to Medium

The trucking industry is responsible for safe transportation of goods including food, fuel, and materials. But you must also be prepared for mishaps as often occurs in a business that spends much of it’s time on the road. At Universal 1st, we will help you manage risks and prepare for the unexpected so that you...
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Trucking – Local and Long Haul

Whether it’s hauling produce from the San Jose to Seattle, or transporting autos from Detroit to Los Angeles, there’s a lot riding on your trucking business. You need a trusted ally to provide long-term security for you, your livelihood and your family. Well, look no further. Our knowledge and expertise in small fleet and owner...
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PUC Permit Services

We provide a service for submitting applications and assisting you to obtain the PUC permits. Give us a call at 818-546-2200 to see how we can help. To learn more about the California Public Utilities Commission, please visit their website: http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/puc/ We provide coverage for the following specialty transportation services: Limousine Town Car Party Bus Non-Emergency Medical...
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Professional Services

Universal 1st can ease the risk exposure of Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents and Certified Public Accountants through our professional liability coverage products. We have a great deal of experience protecting professional service providers. Our customized programs, which are designed specifically to meet the needs of service professionals, include the following specialties. Attorneys Doctors Dentists...
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Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks require specialty insurance anytime they are transporting commercial goods.   You should also inquire about insurance for the everyday uses of your personal pickup. Why do pickup truck insurance costs appear to be higher? In general, trucks of all sizes tend to pay more for insurance because of their size and the likelihood...
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PDF Request Form

Please fill out the form to receive a copy of the Tips for Buying Limousine Life Insurance brochure.
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Motor Carriers Permit Services

We understand many people are just “way too busy” to wait in line for a number to be called at some DMV’s, or get up at the crack of dawn to spend the day at a state permitting facility. That’s why we at Universal 1st have decided to provide this service to submit applications and, assist you...
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Industry Links

  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration         Public Utilities Commission           Department of Transportation         California Highway Patrol           Department of Motor Vehicles           Safety Measurement System    
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Universal 1st has the expertise to provide specialty insurance products

Life is full of risk, but don’t let that spoil the fun! We live in a beautiful regions, but with that beauty comes the risk of earthquakes, fires, and other natural disasters. We drive our cars and with that comes the risk that we may be involved in an accident. And we own homes and rent apartments, and of course, there is risk there just with ownership. But while we can’t and maybe don’t want to, live in a risk free world, insurance gives us the financial protection when tragedy strikes. Health insurance provides for financial assistance not only when we are sick and hospitalized, but for dental and vision care too. With the new Affordable Care Act, it may seem that we are all automatically covered against any illness, but that is not the case. The ACA does allow individuals to buy insurance at very reduced rates, but companies can still provide health insurance benefits  to their employees and families can still benefit from dental and vision insurance. It’s less expensive than you think to obtain financial protection.

Insurance is financial protection against unexpected events

Vehicle insurance protects you in the event of car, boat, or motorcycle accident. California law requires all vehicles to be properly insured. Life insurance gives your family financial protection in the event of key parties death. This sounds terrible and it is very difficult to talk about what happens when one of your family dies, but these kinds of questions are much easier to discuss and plan for than you think.

People avoid talking about life insurance but it is extremely important to have these discussion even if you decide against purchasing life insurance.

Own a home? You must be insured. Homeowners insurance seems easy but the it is a question of the value of your home, the items inside, and the cost if you should need to move out while repairs are made. We can help.

Service is the Priority

Insurance is more than a policy. It is the right policy design for your needs and your requirements. And it requires frequent assessment for updates and changes required to maintain adequate coverage.

Time Matters

Your time is valuable. And everybody is on a tight schedule. So, while insurance requires an assessment of your needs, with our expertise, we can get the required information quickly.


When insurance issue arise, we make sure all matters are handled correctly, professionally and promptly. Whether you have questions on your coverage and need assistance with a claim, one call to our office and we’ll address it immediately.

Claims Processing Made Easy

Most claims can be processed directly with the carrier but for those occasions when you do not receive the expected level of service, call us. We’ll step-in.

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