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General Liability Insurance

Protect your business from liability claims

When you or your employees work at a client’s location, or if you use third-party locations for any business related activity, your business is exposed to claims resulting from an injury.

Your business needs General Liability Insurance in the following circumstances:

General Liability - Client Workplace

You or your employee work or visit a client’s workplace

General Liability - Business

A client visits your workplace.

General Liability - Write Or Speak

You write or speak about a client’s business.

General Liability - Client Outcall

Any business where calls are made out to customers.

Carrying General Liability Insurance is Critical

General Liability Insurance protects against injuries suffered by your customers or others, which have been encountered during the course of your business.

For example, suppose you are carrying your laptop, and while you make a quick turn, the interior corner of your laptop case swings and injures the other person. That individual has a possible claim against your company for his injuries.

Another common example would be, your employee’s work involves using your client’s computer. Any damages to the computers resulting your employee’s work would be a liability facing you. However, the good new is, obtaining a General Liability Insurance can be very inexpensive.

After a brief consultation with one of our Universal 1st experts, we will find the best coverage that will protect your business. Moreover, General Liability Insurance also protects businesses from claims concerning misrepresentations.

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